September 2016 Operating Session


We were back to a full crew for the latest Wheeling Freight Terminal operating session. Mike and Robbie were the freight house crew. They are on the left in the lead image. Erik and Tom worked the team yard. This was Tom’s first time operating here and he did very well for a first timer.

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More Decal Work!


A couple more long term freight car projects have progressed through the decal phase. The actual builds were straightforward but the decals were lacking in parts to use for a 1926 presentation. This is one of the larger challenges when modeling the Pre-Depression Era. Many resin freight car kits do not include decals for lettering used before 1935. It’s just another part of the adventure. I’m fortunate a product is available that was instrumental in completing these cars.

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T-Section Bettendorf trucks


I bought ten pair of the Walthers Proto T-Section Bettendorf trucks (TSB) awhile back. I thought I should prep them so they are ready for the new Accurail box cars. You can see the before and after view in the lead image. Let’s go through the steps to make these trucks a little better.

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RPM meets ahead

Larry Kline displayed several O scale reefers at the 2011 RPM-East meet.
Larry Kline displayed several O scale reefers at the 2011 RPM-East meet.

As the calendar moves ahead, it’s time for an update on prototype modeler events. The St Louis event was a big success. David Hussey has posted a gallery of photos¬†from the St Louis meet. More events are scheduled in the next few months. Let’s take a look!

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