Zenith Model Works

Sam Anderson has been working on new HO scale projects as Zenith Model Works. Above is a Saint Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Swing Motion Arch Bar truck with a 4-foot, 9-inch wheelbase (ZMW 7001). He sent the following details for a new line of HO scale 3D printed freight car trucks that follow prototypes from the 1900-1930 years. Here’s Sam with more details.

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Roadtrip finds

My lovely wife and I hit the road recently to visit our kids and grand kids, and my parents. We drove from middle Tennessee to Buffalo to celebrate a second birthday with a grandson. The Heritage Discovery Center was holding an open house, so we dropped by for a visit the day after the party.

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More resources!

The Car Builders’ Cyclopedia of American Practice has been published through the years by Simmons-Boardman Publishing. Early volumes were published by Railway Age and the Railway Gazette. These have become valuable modeling resources to understand early rolling stock designs and the many assorted hardware elements that were applied. Later editions had a title adjustment to Car Builders’ Dictionary and Cyclopedia, as seen in the 1919 title page above.

Recent messages on some discussion lists included links to several volumes that are in the public domain. I created a blog resource page here to help modelers find these PDF versions.

I’ve often referred to volumes when building and detailing freight car models. Many of the freight cars and hardware details published between 1905 and 1925 remained pertinent in later years. I hope these publications inspire your modeling efforts.

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