Some thoughts on the Westerfield models line

I have re-posted a Westerfield resin freight car kit models guide as a blog page. The link for this is on the right side of the main blog page, just under the search box. You can also jump to it at the end of this post.

Before you check out the page, please note that I created this to guide my personal freight car fleet based upon the Westerfield line. I created a set of parameters a few years ago in order to determine Westerfield kits that were best for me to invest cash, and eventually, build time. Here are those parameters.

  • The setting is an eastern urban railroad prototype, circa 1926. When this was originally created, I was modeling a segment of the Wheeling & Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio. I hope to return to that inspiration on a future layout.
  • Freight car designs with a minimum of 8000 cars produced were highly considered, or if it was a distinctive car with several thousand produced, like the PRR X23.
  • If a freight car model is available as an injection molded plastic kit, then a Westerfield model would be dropped off of list consideration.

Setting parameters can help you focus on building a freight car fleet that will mesh with other components of your model railroad. Every layout will be different, so set your fleet needs accordingly and work from there.

With these thoughts in mind, enjoy your exploration of a quick guide to Westerfield Models for a 1920s model railroad.

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