Chicago & Alton freight cars

Ray Breyer has authored a mid-Twenties railroad freight car fleet profile on the Chicago & Alton. The line was a busy connector between the Chicago, Kansas City, and St. Louis railroad hubs. Many are aware of the C&A passenger varnish, but the freight car fleet was also important.

As the C&A was once owned by the Harriman syndicate, several of the car designs are related to other Harriman roads (SP, IC, UP). Ray’s Chicago & Alton PDF can be reviewed in the Freight Car Fleets resource section.

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A blurred year

Like many modelers, I enjoy taking a moment in January to review the projects of the previous year. It often gives me comfort to know that I’m actually moving models toward completion. 2020 was a very strange year as the Covid-19 pandemic upset our lives and routines. I also completed several models that had sat idle for months and years. It makes it harder to define what was actually started and finished in 2020, making it all seem like a blurred year.

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