2017 RPM-East Summary

John Johnson displayed many freight cars that featured custom resin cast details.

It’s been a busy week as I’ve traveled to the western Pennsylvania region to attend the RPM-East prototype modeler meet. I’ve been part of this event for over a decade and it’s great to see many modelers attend and enjoy. This year we had 206 people attending and 436 models on display. Most of the models were HO scale but there were some very nice O and N scale models to see. Friday and Saturday were filled with 37 presentations covering a wide variety of prototype and modeling topics. Seven home layouts hosted operating sessions on Thursday night.Those layouts and six more were open for a Sunday self-guided tour.

David Wilson displayed several steam locos modified from other models.

These events offer great inspiration for your next projects and often feature lots of new info to add to your knowledge base. In many ways, it’s information overload and I’m still recovering! Here’s a photo gallery to enjoy!

We will catch up with new stuff on the blog soon.

Bruce Elliott displayed a fleet of B&O cabeese.

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4 thoughts on “2017 RPM-East Summary”

  1. Is there a way to contact David Wilson, whose steam locomotives you pictured above? I’d like to ask him about how he painted his engines, specifically what mix of black he used. The dusty weathering along the lower edge of the tender is also nicely well done.

    I am looking forward to the bay area RPM coming up this June – it will be my first RPM and I am excited to see what will be shared.


      1. Sorry. I’ve been slow on my reply….

        These were painted with Floquil paints in an airbrush. The Union locos are painted with Floquil Engine black, I then paint the drivers while turning with Floquil earth. I spray the earth around the front and back pilots. After that, I do an overcoat with grimy black.

        Now, I haven’t painted a loco in a while, but I’ve been using Tamiya paints recently. I’ve successfully airbrushed with thinned black for my base and made my own grimy black by adding Tamyia gray in different amounts to the black. I haven’t switched to any earth colors in the Tamiya paints yet.

  2. Eric, nice write up of the meet. Everyone did a great job and thank you for all of your hard work that made the Meet a great time.

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