New Workbench

It’s going to be a few months before the garage is transformed into the new hobby space. Setting up a hobby work space in the garage makes no sense as it would need to be moved once remodeling starts. After some negotiating, I was able to use an alcove in the TV lounge above the garage for space. The lead image illustrates the appearance before some changes.

The workbench top that was attached to Wheeling Freight Terminal layout legs was reused. New legs and bracing were made by reusing wood components from crates that transported glass tops and mirrors in our cross-country move. Even the screws from the crates were reused to build the new workbench.

Shelving was added using paired slot wall standards and “D” steel shelf brackets. The brackets had been toted around for years and are in service again after a wash. The shelving was in place and ready within a couple of hours. The space is also home to the computer and components.

Aristotle was right. Nature abhors a vacuum. It did not take long to fill up the new shelves. Old kit boxes are reused for parts storage. A number of rolling storage carts had been used but there just isn’t room in this current space. One cart can barely be seen in the shadows under the workbench. The LED light bars were reused from under the layout benchwork and hung over the new space. A valence will be added in the next week.

Once the new layout room is complete, the workspace will change again. But for now this cozy spot will do just fine.

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5 thoughts on “New Workbench”

  1. Eric,
    Work area looks good! Next time we are together or you see me remind me to tell you the story of the online auction for furniture where I bought a U shape cubicle desk for six dollars to use as my workbench which ended up costing almost 400 dollars to get home….one of those story that makes you believe in Murphy! Even took me two weeks to put back together!

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