Schoen and Pressed Steel Car Company hoppers

It’s time for another freight car resource. Steve Hedlund sent a wonderful summary of Schoen Pressed Steel and Pressed Steel Car Company hoppers. These companies built some of the earliest all-steel hoppers starting in the late 1890s. They built more than 18,000 of these hoppers, which were used by a dozen different railroads. The Pennsylvania Railroad GL class cars were very similar but deserve a separate review.

This resource PDF document is available on the Freight Car Fleets page. We hope modelers find it useful as they build early steel hoppers for their fleets. We have more railroad fleet data and details coming soon.

Many thanks to Steve for pulling the data and images together.

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4 thoughts on “Schoen and Pressed Steel Car Company hoppers”

  1. I love to read the historical studies about the development of different freight cars although most of it does not apply to my modeling. Thanks to all the researchers and collectors of historical data out there.

  2. I have a interest in railways and the make up of the train, as I get older I’m getting more interested in era from post world war 1 to the 1960s. Your blog is a good mine of information,thank you.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mark! The pre-WW2 years are fascinating as railroads and industries were very different from what has been presented in the hobby press over the years. I work to make this blog a resource for modelers focused on the 1900-1940 time frame. – Eric H.

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