Basement progress

As we settle into our new home and undertake a few upgrades, I’ve been able to push progress on the hobby space. I recently built a frame for my workbench. As seen in the opening image, it is doubling as a computer work station area at the moment.

I realize the computer needs to move and have been on the lookout for a used desk for the computer and scanner. But this is a start! I have a place to work on a few models.

Warm weather inspired me to unpack the Wheeling Freight Terminal layout pieces. Each of the paired sections were wheeled onto the back patio and unbolted. Each layout section was carefully vacuumed to remove old dust, dirt, and cobwebs.

I was very surprised how well the layout sections have survived. I built these in 2012 when I lived in El Paso. In 2017, the sections were packed up for a move to middle Tennessee. The layout was set up for a short time in a rental before being crated and moved into the home we bought. Sadly, they were not set up again in Tennessee. Just before our recent move to Philadelphia, the layout sections were prepped for another moving truck adventure. It was great to clean them off and prep them for the new basement.

I found minimal damage on the layout sections. All but a couple of the manual ground throws worked properly to throw the switch points. With all the parts unpacked, it’s time to install the legs and pull the sections together into a layout.

Now to seek out the bolts!

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6 thoughts on “Basement progress”

  1. A testament to the concept of constructing your model railroad with a modular or sectional architecture – if you move, some or all of it will still be usable in your new place!

    1. Thanks, Claus! That was the intention with the sectional design. I plan to reuse sections on the next layout by replacing track. The infrastructure remains with new track geometry. Additional sections will be built for the expanded layout to fit the new space. At least that’s what is going through my brain. – Eric H

  2. We miss you already here in Tennessee! Glad you’re able to get started again with that layout and your exquisite modeling. I lived in EP myself in 1989-91….in what part of town did you live?

    1. Thank you, Peter! I miss many modelers and friends in Tennessee. We lived in EP from 2012 until our move to middle TN in 2017. We had a home on Golden Hill near the Arizona intersection. It had an amazing view of the valley and the Trans-con junction with the Tucumcari line. – Eric H.

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