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It’s been awhile since the last layout update. I’ve had several inquiries so I snapped a few new photos for this post.

The Wheeling Freight Terminal has been up and running since late 2023. The track has been tested and I’ve switched the team yard a couple of times.

The freight car fleet has been unpacked. Each car has been checked for coupler and truck issues. Only a few adjustments were required. I found quite a few freight car that had been forgotten.

One piece didn’t not make the move from Tennessee. I had built a large building block using foam core. It couldn’t fit into my loaded vehicle for the trip to Philly. A couple structures and a box will be used for operation.

I was concerned with the freight house layout sections as they are the oldest parts of this layout. The benchwork grids were originally built for a proposed portable, modular narrow gauge layout in the late 1990s. They survived the move without any issues.

The long freight house mockup was a little worn from the move, but some glue and TLC brought it back into service.

Here’s a look at the layout plan again. I’m almost ready for an op session, but I need to install a couple of lights above the main yard. This area is below the finished drop ceiling area that covers the air ducts and steel beam. Much of the yard is between the recessed ceiling lights. I’m having a hard time reading freight car numbers and I don’t want a guest operator to have the same difficulty. I bought some Burisma Burrina LED lights and need to install them above the yard. It’s as simple as that, but I’ve procrastinated. Time to get that done.

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8 thoughts on “Layout update”

    1. Thanks, Dave! It’s great to have a working layout to test newly built equipment and iron out ideas. – Eric H.

  1. Hi Eric. Love your posts. Curious on your layout planning. At one time, I believe you were looking at changing to the B&O Allegheny yard on the Pittsburgh North Side. I saw your presentation at the RPM session in Greensburg a number of years ago. I have collected quite a bit of info on that branch but focusing on a more modern era (I like diesels). Have you abandoned that potential concept?
    I’ve been reviewing that branch as a layout concept for years. I recently retired so I hope to get serious and actually do something! There is so much there which makes it difficult to narrow down.
    Thanks for all your updates, tips and advice. All great!

    Eric K
    Greensburg, PA

    1. Thank you for your comment, Eric K! I’m still planning on the B&O Allegheny Yard Branch but I need to upgrade the other half of the basement space before I can start building. Having the older layout available to operate keeps my modeling interests strong. Neat to hear you are attracted to the same B&O Pittsburgh branch. We need to compare some notes! – Eric H.

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