Resin kit builds – Missouri Pacific cars

I’ve built several HO scale resin freight car kits since the summer of 2023. For some reason, I’ve forgotten to share the overall progress. Some details have appeared on the blog, but overall summaries have been lacking. Let’s start with a couple Missouri Pacific cars that were enjoyable builds.

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Missouri Pacific boxcar fleet

Steven Hedlund shared an interesting review of the Missouri Pacific boxcar fleet. His profile includes subsidiary Lines and historical notes on how the company grew. The MP was a major bridge route between western states and rail connections at St. Louis, Memphis, and New Orleans.

Missouri Pacific boxcars pop up in many pre-1930 images. Steve reviews several car designs and lettering changes through the first decades of the 20th Century. His Missouri Pacific PDF can be reviewed in the Freight Car Fleets resource section of the blog.

In other Missouri Pacific news, a new book is coming soon from the MP Railroad Historical Society. Charlie Duckworth has curated selected photographs from the Society archives for a 160 page book. Additional details can be reviewed on the Society Store.

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Easy boxcar update

I like to wrap up a project or two before a prototype modeler meet so I can take the models for display. A couple of months ago I came across an Accurail 36-foot boxcar that I had detailed but had not completed. That’s how the model appeared when I decided to finish it off.

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