Prototype Data Sheets – 3

DL&W Freight Transfer Yard, Scranton, PA, September 5, 1910. Photo B0663 DL&W Company Photo Collection, Steamtown NPS.
DL&W Freight Transfer Yard, Scranton, PA, September 5, 1910. Photo B0663 DL&W Company Photo Collection, Steamtown NPS.

It’s time for another prototype review for the upcoming Accurail HO scale 36-foot box car models. Four variations of the model are planned. Initial paint and lettering schemes were announced a couple of months ago. Ray Breyer has another summary covering prototype cars for each of the introductory models that will have fishbelly center sills and wood ends. Ray estimates there were more than 40,000 box cars with these features built to similar designs. The initial PDF data sheet is posted on a special blog page, Accurail Prototype Data.

One last data sheet is in the works to cover the remaining prototypes Accurail has announced for their 36-foot box car models. That will be posted this summer as the release date draws near for these new models.

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3 thoughts on “Prototype Data Sheets – 3”

  1. Nice surprise to see the Clinchfield cars. I had no idea. The “CLINCHFIELD” stenciling style looks very similar if not identical to that used on their 50-ton USRA SS cars, decals for which are available from Westerfield. I am away from home right now but this style may also be in the Clinchfield hopper decal set from Curt Fortenbury. At some point the Clinchfield’s reporting marks changed from “CC&O” to—oh no I cannot remember—but the older cars still carried the old reporting marks even after they were repainted. There is one Clinchfield historian that may have photos of these cars. I will let Ray know if I come up with any. Shout out to Dennis from Accurail for sharing early shots with Ray.

    1. Hi Bill,
      Actually, it’s the other way around: I’ve been feeding Accurail the photos! (Eric Cote actually does all of the lettering artwork and decides on which road names to produce).

      I’ve been looking, but haven’t found mid-life photos of the Clinchfield cars, or for many others. The problem here is that railfanning is in general a post-WWII phenomena, and photo coverage of freight equipment of the 1920s and 1930s is scanty at best. If it wasn’t for collections like the DL&W company photos, Barriger, or Otto Perry, we’d have essentially nothing for those decades at all!

      Let me know if you do run across anything, and I’ll pass it along.

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