P&R GAc steel drop-door gondola kit

Bob McGlone sent an email the other day with an interesting model announcement. With his permission, it’s now a blog post.

I’d like to make early rail modelers aware of a new item that is now available. It’s a 3D printed model of the Philadelphia & Reading GAc class steel drop-door gondola.

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Prototype Data Files – pt 5

With the recent Accurail product announcement of Fowler box car kits, Ray Breyer got busy and created a Prototype Data file to review the prototypes of the roadnames in the initial kit introduction. Ray also researched the origins of the car design and found some interesting details.

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New Accurail 36-foot Box Car Models

The new Accurail HO scale 36-foot box cars kits are being released. I recently picked up two undecorated car kits with the fishbelly center sills and corrugated metal ends. It’s exciting to open the box on a new model for the first time, especially a model that fits into my modeling focus. Let’s take a look at this new kit.

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Blog Updates

Model image from the Tangent Scale Models website.
Model image from the Tangent Scale Models website.

I hope all those who model the 1920s through the 1940s have heard about the recent Tangent Scale Models GATX tank car release. Two of the paint and lettering schemes follow early 1920s practices and a few car numbers are available in each of those decorated styles. A couple of these models should be hitting my doorway soon.

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Prototype Data Sheets – 4

DL&W Freight Yard, Ithaca, NY, 1909. Photo X0082 DL&W Company Photo Collection, Steamtown NPS.
DL&W Freight Yard, Ithaca, NY, 1909. Photo X0082 DL&W Company Photo Collection, Steamtown NPS.

Ray Breyer is back with a fourth and final prototype summary for the upcoming Accurail HO scale 36-foot box car models. Four variations of the model are planned. Initial paint and lettering schemes were announced earlier this year. Ray estimates there were more than 40,000 box cars with these features built to similar designs. The PDF data sheet is posted on a special blog page, Accurail Prototype Data. Click on the link for the 1800 series for Ray’s latest summary.

Accurail has posted the introductory roadnames for their 36-foot box car models on their website under the specific kit series numbers; 1300, 1400, 1700, and 1800. The links for these are near the bottom of their main webpage. These models are scheduled for late summer 2016 release, as per notes on each of those product pages.

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