USRA Freight Car Assignments

Nearly all of the data presented here comes from James E. Lane’s original work in the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society’s “Railroad History, No. 128” published Spring 1973. Readers are encouraged to seek out a copy of this publication to further understand the USRA. The following details are a simple overview.

The United States Railway Administration (USRA) was created to control the United States railroads during World War One. Railroad operations and new equipment acquisition came under USRA control from December 31, 1917 to March 1, 1920. During this time, the USRA developed several locomotive and freight car designs to upgrade the nation’s railways with modern equipment built to standardized designs. Five freight car designs were approved and orders were placed for production on May 1, 1918. Car builders produced 100,000 of these freight cars.

There are two lists of USRA freight cars, allocation and assignments. The allocation list was created to determine what railroads should receive the USRA freight cars. The assignment list is an accurate summary of the railroads receiving USRA freight cars while under USRA control. As the data reflects the USRA assignments, later car renumbering and rebuilding are not noted. There are some notes added for those cars that went to another railroad by merger or acquisition in the 1920s and 1930s.

The images here depict HO scale plastic models. More details on these and other plastic freight car models for 1920s prototypes are summarized on another page of my blog.

Each of the tables below contain ten visible rows of data. Click on the arrows below the tables to view additional data. Each table can also be configured to display all the rows. The page is set up for ten rows on each table to limit the length of the presentation.



USRA Specification 1001-B: 50-ton Single-Sheathed Box Car

25,000 cars built for the USRA. Additional details and photographs for the USRA Single-Sheathed box cars can be found in Railroad Prototype Cyclopedia, Vol. 17.

RailroadQuantityBuilderCar SeriesNotes
Ann Arbor150Haskell & Barker Car Co.12000-12149
Ann Arbor50American Car & Foundry12150-12199
Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic200St. Louis Car Co.27000-27199
Baltimore & Ohio500Haskell & Barker Car Co.187000-187499M-24 class
Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio300The Bettendorf Co.8000-8299
Central of New Jersey500American Car & Foundry20000-20499
Chesapeake & Ohio550St. Louis Car Co.600-1149
Chesapeake & Ohio450Haskell & Barker Car Co.1150-1599
Chicago & North Western500American Car & Foundry143700-144698Even numbers only
Chicago & North Western500Haskell & Barker Car Co.144700-145698Even numbers only
Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul1000Haskell & Barker Car Co.700000-7009994,000 total for CM&StP
Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul1000The Bettendorf Co.701000-701999
Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul897American Car & Foundry702000-702896
Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul950American Car & Foundry702897-703846
Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul153 Haskell & Barker Car Co.703847-703999
Delaware & Hudson500The Bettendorf Co.51000-51499Lane notes car series 17001-17500, which appears in the early 1930s.
Erie200Haskell & Barker Car Co.92500-92699
Georgia300Haskell & Barker Car Co.19000-19299
Maine Central300Haskell & Barker Car Co.36001-36300
Michigan Central500American Car & Foundry80000-80499
Michigan Central500The Pullman Co.80500-80999
New York Central1000Haskell & Barker Car Co.160000-160999
Norfolk & Western800The Pullman Co.120000-120799
Pennsylvania100The Pullman Co.3001-3100Assigned to NYP&N
Pennsylvania44American Car & Foundry3101-3144Assigned to NYP&N
Pennsylvania453American Car & Foundry3601-4053Assigned to Long Island RR
Pennsylvania250The Bettendorf Co.4054-4303Assigned to Long Island RR
Pennsylvania282Haskell & Barker Car Co.4304-4585Assigned to Long Island RR
Pennsylvania15American Car & Foundry4586-4600Assigned to Long Island RR
Pennsylvania250The Bettendorf Co.4601-4850Assigned to GR&I
Pennsylvania200Haskell & Barker Car Co.4851-5050Assigned to GR&I
Pennsylvania651American Car & Foundry38045-38695X26 class for all PRR
Pennsylvania465Haskell & Barker Car Co.38696-391609,760 total for PRR lines
Pennsylvania650The Bettendorf Co.39161-39810
Pennsylvania75The Pullman Co.44001-44075
Pennsylvania2650American Car & Foundry44076-46725
Pennsylvania3675The Pullman Co.83526-83572, 86798-86900, 93901-93925, 511396-511430, 512065-512069, 518217-518949, 530076-530080, 531194-531198, 540001-540798, 549201-549282, 564270-566090, and 598438-598453
Philadelphia & Reading300The Bettendorf Co.5000-5999Builder specific car numbers are unknown
Philadelphia & Reading450The Pullman Co.5000-5999 Builder specific car numbers are unknown
Philadelphia & Reading250St. Louis Car Co.5000-5999
Pittsburgh, McKeesport & Youghiogheny500American Car & Foundry81000-81499
Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac350American Car & Foundry2451-2800
Southern Pacific100American Car & Foundry26360-26459
Southern Pacific500Haskell & Barker Car Co.26460-26959
Southern Pacific400The Pullman Co.26960-27359
Washington Southern150American Car & Foundry981-1130RF&P 981-1130 by 1926
Western Maryland300American Car & Foundry26300-26599



USRA Specification 1002-B: 50-ton Drop-Bottom Gondola

20,000 cars built for the USRA.

RoadnameQuantityBuilderCar SeriesNotes
Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic150American Car & Foundry58000-58149
Atlantic Coast Line50American Car & Foundry90000-90049
Atlantic Coast Line250Haskell & Barker Car Co.
Boston & Maine1500Pressed Steel Car90000-91499
Chicago & Alton500Standard Steel Car43000-43499
Chicago & North Western500American Car & Foundry114501-115499Odd numbers only
Chicago & North Western500Haskell & Barker Car Co.
115501-116499Odd numbers only
Chicago Burlington & Quincy
500Pressed Steel Car188000-188499
Chicago Burlington & Quincy250
Standard Steel Car188500-188749
Chicago Burlington & Quincy250American Car & Foundry188750-188999
Chicago Indianapolis & Louisville300Pressed Steel Car30000-30299
Chicago, Minneapolis, St Paul & Omaha200Pressed Steel Car41201-41599Odd numbers only
El Paso & South Western250Standard Steel Car11251-11500
Georgia100Pressed Steel Car20001-20100
Hocking Valley500American Car & Foundry12000-12499Merged into the C&O in 1930
Illinois Central
500Pressed Steel Car126000-126499
Illinois Central300Standard Steel Car126500-126799
Illinois Central150American Car & Foundry126800-126949
Illinois Central50Haskell & Barker Car Co.
Illinois Central500Haskell & Barker Car Co.
Illinois Central200Haskell & Barker Car Co.
Illinois Central800Pressed Steel Car127700-128499
Illinois Central250Magor Car Corp.128500-1286492,650 total for ICRR
Kansas City Southern200Standard Steel Car28300-28499
Louisville & Nashville
400Pressed Steel Car74000-74399
Louisville & Nashville200Standard Steel Car74400-74599
Louisville & Nashville400American Car & Foundry74600-74999
Michigan Central400American Car & Foundry12000-12399
Michigan Central200
Pressed Steel Car12400-12599
Michigan Central200Standard Steel Car12600-12799
Michigan Central200
Haskell & Barker Car Co.
Minneapolis & St Louis250Magor Car Corp.27001-27499Odd numbers only
Missouri Pacific1000Pressed Steel Car70501-71500
Missouri Pacific500American Car & Foundry71501-72000
Missouri Pacific300
Standard Steel Car72001-72300
Missouri Pacific200
Haskell & Barker Car Co.
Missouri Pacific500Standard Steel Car72501-73000
Missouri Pacific500Magor Car Corp.73001-73500
Mobile & Ohio100Haskell & Barker Car Co.
Nashville, Chattanooga & St Louis200American Car & Foundry42000-42199
New York Central500Pressed Steel Car349000-349499
New York Central500American Car & Foundry349500-349999
Norfolk Southern50Standard Steel Car6600-6649
Pennsylvania50American Car & Foundry2001-2050Assigned to GR&I
Standard Steel Car5500-5699Assigned to Long Island RR
Standard Steel Car751043-751329 and 775755-775967All PRR cars G24 class
St Louis-San Francisco 1000Standard Steel Car85000-85999
Southern1350American Car & Foundry198000-199349
Standard Steel Car199350-199799
Magor Car Corp.199800-199899
Southern100Standard Steel Car199900-199999
Wheeling & Lake Erie500Pressed Steel Car51000-51499
Wheeling & Lake Erie500
Standard Steel Car51500-51999



USRA Specification 1003-B: 40-ton Double-Sheathed Box Car

25,000 cars built for the USRA. Additional details and photographs for the USRA Single-Sheathed box cars can be found in Railroad Prototype Cyclopedia, Vol. 16.

RailroadQuantityBuilderCar SeriesNotes
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe2534American Car & Foundry37001-39534
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe166Laconia Car Co.39535-39700
Atlantic Coast Line950American Car & Foundry46000-46949
Boston & Maine
500American Car & Foundry70000-70499
Charleston & Western Carolina300American Car & Foundry8000-8299
Chicago & North Western1250American Car & Foundry141200-143698Even numbers only
Chicago Burlington & Quincy500American Car & Foundry120500-120999
Chicago Rock Island & Pacific1000Mt. Vernon Car Mfg.155000-155999
Chicago Rock Island & Pacific500Lenoir Car Works156000-156499
Chicago Rock Island & Pacific500Laconia Car Co.156500-156999
Chicago Rock Island & Pacific500American Car & Foundry157000-157499
Chicago, Minneapolis, St Paul & Omaha500American Car & Foundry36100-37098 Even numbers only
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis1000American Car & Foundry56000-56999
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western200Liberty Car & Equip.44000-44199
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western600
Mt. Vernon Car Mfg.44200-44799
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton86McGuire-Cummings Mfg.11000-11085
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton214Keith Car & Mfg.11086-11299
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern500American Car & Foundry7300-7799
Grand Trunk Western16American Car & Foundry108100-108115
Grand Trunk Western184
Laconia Car Co.108116-108299
Grand Trunk Western150Pacific Car & Foundry108450-108599
Grand Trunk Western250
American Car & Foundry108850-109099
Great Northern1500Mt. Vernon Car Mfg.23494-24993
Kansas City Southern100Keith Car & Mfg.15500-15599
Minneapolis & St Louis300Lenoir Car Works22000-22598Even numbers only
Missouri Pacific250American Car & Foundry45001-45250
New York Central1000American Car & Foundry161000-161999
New York, Chicago & St Louis500McGuire-Cummings Mfg.40000-40499To Wabash in 1922
Northwestern Pacific 100 SSC
100Standard Steel Car1900-1999
Pere Marquette1000Pressed Steel Car80000-809992,000 total for PM
Pere Marquette110Keith Car & Mfg.81000-81109
Pere Marquette214
McGuire-Cummings Mfg.81110-81323
Pere Marquette676Pacific Car & Foundry81324-81999
St Louis-San Francisco 200Liberty Car & Equip.127000-1271993,500 total for SL-SF
St Louis-San Francisco 200Standard Steel Car127200-127399
St Louis-San Francisco 700American Car & Foundry127400-128099
St Louis-San Francisco 400Keith Car & Mfg.128100-128499
St Louis-San Francisco 200Standard Steel Car128500-128699
St Louis-San Francisco 191Pacific Car & Foundry128700-128890
St Louis-San Francisco 128
Lenoir Car Works128891-129018
St Louis-San Francisco 176Keith Car & Mfg.129019-129194
St Louis-San Francisco 300
Liberty Car & Equip.129195-129494
St Louis-San Francisco 318Pacific Car & Foundry129495-129812
St Louis-San Francisco 150Lenoir Car Works129813-129962
St Louis-San Francisco 150
Laconia Car Co.129963-130112
St Louis-San Francisco 365
Pacific Car & Foundry130113-130477
St Louis-San Francisco 22Lenoir Car Works130478-130499
Spokane, Portland & Seattle300Pacific Car & Foundry10000-10299
Toledo & Ohio Central250American Car & Foundry14000-14249
Wabash500Lenoir Car Works78200-786992,800 total for Wabash
Wabash300Liberty Car & Equip.78700-78999
Wabash200Keith Car & Mfg.79000-79199
Mt. Vernon Car Mfg.79200-79699
Wabash400Lenoir Car Works79700-80099
Wabash400Mt. Vernon Car Mfg.80100-80499
Wabash200McGuire-Cummings Mfg.80500-80699 From NYC&StL in 1922
Wabash300Keith Car & Mfg.80700-80999



USRA Specification 1005-B: 55-ton Steel Twin Hopper

25,000 cars built for the USRA.

RailroadQuantityBuilderCar SeriesNotes
Baltimore & Ohio1000Ralston Steel Car Co.320000-320999N-17 class
Baltimore & Ohio500Pressed Steel Car321000-321499
Baltimore & Ohio100Ralston Steel Car Co.321500-321599
Baltimore & Ohio300American Car & Foundry321600-321899
Bessemer & Lake Erie250American Car & Foundry43501-44000
Bessemer & Lake Erie250Standard Steel Car43501-44000
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh500Pressed Steel Car55000-55799To B&O in 1932
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh300The Pullman Co.55000-55799To B&O in 1932
Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio714American Car & Foundry43750-45499
Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio764Pressed Steel Car43750-45499
Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio18Ralston Steel Car Co.43750-45499
Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio254Standard Steel Car43750-45499
Central of New Jersey250The Pullman Co.65000-65249
Central of New Jersey250Standard Steel Car65250-65499
Chesapeake & Ohio1750American Car & Foundry62000-63479
Chesapeake & Ohio250Pressed Steel Car63750-63999
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis200Pressed Steel Car79000-79199
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis200American Car & Foundry79200-79399
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis200Standard Steel Car79400-79599
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis200The Pullman Co.79600-79799
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis200Ralston Steel Car Co.79800-79999
Colorado & Southern300The Pullman Co.18000-18299
Delaware & Hudson500American Car & Foundry44000-44499Lane notes car series 3201-3700, which appears in the early 1930s.
Delaware & Hudson500Pressed Steel Car44500-44999Lane notes car series 3701-4200, which appears in the early 1930s.
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western500American Car & Foundry81000-81499
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western300Pressed Steel Car81500-81799
Detroit & Toledo Short Line186Pressed Steel Car1000-1185
Detroit & Toledo Short Line14American Car & Foundry1186-1199
Illinois Central200Pressed Steel Car210000-210199
Illinois Central200Standard Steel Car210200-210399
Illinois Central150American Car & Foundry210400-210549
Illinois Central250The Pullman Co.210550-210799
Illinois Central200Ralston Steel Car Co.210800-210999
Kanawha & Michigan300Pressed Steel Car27500-27799Under NYC control after 1922
Kanawha & Michigan200Ralston Steel Car Co.27800-27999Under NYC control after 1922
Louisville & Nashville400Pressed Steel Car86000-86399
Louisville & Nashville400Standard Steel Car86400-86799
Louisville & Nashville200The Pullman Co.86800-86999
Morgantown & Kingwood400Ralston Steel Car Co.4000-4399To B&O by 1925
Morgantown & Kingwood600Standard Steel Car4400-4999To B&O by 1925
New York Central500Pressed Steel Car420000-420499
New York Central500Standard Steel Car420500-420999
New York, New Haven & Hartford300The Pullman Co.120000-120299
New York, New Haven & Hartford400Pressed Steel Car120300-120699
New York, New Haven & Hartford400Standard Steel Car120700-121099
New York, New Haven & Hartford200Ralston Steel Car Co.121100-121299
New York, New Haven & Hartford200The Pullman Co.121300-121499
Pennsylvania300Standard Steel Car5000-5299Assigned to Long Island RR, GLd class
Pere Marquette500Ralston Steel Car Co.13000-13499
Pere Marquette25American Car & Foundry13500-13524
Pere Marquette475American Car & Foundry13525-13999
Philadelphia & Reading1000Standard Steel Car72500-73499
Philadelphia & Reading1000Ralston Steel Car Co.73500-74499
Toledo & Ohio Central500American Car & Foundry28000-28499
Toledo, St Louis & Western350Standard Steel Car9000-9349To NYC&StL by 1924
Toledo, St Louis & Western100American Car & Foundry9350-9449
Wabash522American Car & Foundry35000-35521
Wabash296Standard Steel Car35522-35817
Wabash182Ralston Steel Car Co.35818-35999



USRA Specification 1006-B: 70-ton Steel Drop-End Mill Gondola

5,000 cars built for the USRA.

RailroadQuantityBuilderCar SeriesNotes
Baltimore & Ohio500Standard Steel Car250000-250499O-27 class
New York Central
500Pressed Steel Car337500-337999
Pennsylvania1000Standard Steel Car315867-316866G25 class for all PRR
Pennsylvania500Pressed Steel Car316867-3173662,500 total for PRR
Pennsylvania500Pressed Steel Car751330-751829
Pennsylvania500Pressed Steel Car775968-779029, 810775-810941, 825238-825386, and 840319-840440
Philadelphia & Reading500Standard Steel Car6950-7449
Pittsburgh, McKeesport & Youghiogheny500Pressed Steel Car91000-91499