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A few years ago, I posted about snapping roster shots of the freight car fleet. This is a great way to practice photo skills and to document your fleet. With online photo galleries, it also eases sharing your models with the community.

I set up a Flickr photo gallery a few years ago and have been slowly adding images of completed and in-process HO scale freight cars. The gallery makes it easy to share photos to encourage others building the same kit. There are currently 89 images posted. I try to add a few new ones every month or two. It has become a personal model display.

I hope you enjoy the site and it inspires you to open a kit box and build something new.

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Roster shots

This 36-foot C&O boxcar is one of my recent builds. This resin kit and the decals were created by a friend.

I often snap photos of projects as they progress on my workbench. It is so easy to capture images with a cell phone, point and shoot camera, or a digital SLR. I’m able to share ideas and techniques with friends and I can send out a call for help when I screw something up.

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A simple photo studio.

I use a camera to document lots of model work. My iPhone is typically used at the workbench to capture details during a build but I also like to snap photos with my DSLR to document stages of construction. It’s more of an official company photographer act. This post leads with a photo of my studio set up in the garage. I keep it simple.

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