Gloss coat and RPMs

A couple models have inched forward in the finishing process. I recently painted and decaled a couple of box cars. I employ several steps to move a model from the undecorated state to one that is ready to weather. The B&O M-15b seen in this lead photo has a fresh gloss coat.

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Contact cement

Contact cement has been used as an adhesive for decades. One of the most common is rubber cement. I recall using rubber cement to assemble plastic dinosaur models in the late 1960s. The eight-year-old modeler did not do a neat job at all. Walthers Goo and Ambroid cements are also contact cements. I had poor experiences with those when assembling models in the 1980s. In each case, I don’t think I was using the adhesives properly.

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Little details

ACF Industries, Westerfield Models collection

Several tasks have been keeping me away from regular blog posts but I am progressing with the two Westerfield Models B&O M-15 boxcar kits. After installing most of the brake components, I noticed something on the bottom of the side sill. Naturally, I became curious.

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Resin Freight Car Kit builds – part 7

One more freight car for the fleet!

I found another unfinished model last week and I can’t recall when I started on this build. I’m pretty certain it’s only been sitting for a year and I remember why it was put away. I stopped this build because of the non-standard sill steps that needed to be bent from a flat piece of brass shimstock. I did one and put the model away. But it’s back and I finished it this past week.

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