Resin ladders

Summer projects and tasks have kept me away from the workbench but I found time to make progress on a Westerfield Models HO scale Baltimore & Ohio M-15b box car kit. There are four ladders to install and they are cast onto a resin sheet with other details. Here’s my preparation process.

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Boomer Operator – Central New York & New England

I recently attended an operating session on Jim Leighty’s HO scale Central New York & New England Railroad. I kept busy through much of the session. Jim has several industrial switching areas on the layout that will keep a crew member busy.

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More gondola builds

Gondolas loaded with coal from the Virginia and Pittsburgh Coal and Coke Company’s Morgan Mine No. 2 tipple near Rivesville, W. Va., on December 30, 1926. From the Monongahela Railway Company Photograph Collection, 1903-1993 on the University of Pittsburgh Historic Pittsburgh site.

The previous blog post on gondola kit builds featured HO scale Pennsylvania Railroad GRa class cars. That was the main focus of the group kit build project, but the door was wide open for our Pre-Depression Era railroad modeler group to build a gondola kit they had at hand. A few more models came off the workbench!

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Gondola builds

PRR GRa 1913 builder image from the Westerfield Models AC&F collection

About a year ago, a few Pre-Depression Era railroad modelers embarked on a group kit build. We chose a Pennsylvania Railroad GRa class composite gondola kit, but we opened the door for other gondola models that fit the era. It’s time to share the progress!

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