Truss Rod end freight cars

from Car Builder’s Dictionary, 1906

It’s time for another freight car resource file. Ray Breyer has compiled information on truss rod end freight cars. We think of truss rods supporting freight car underframes but they were also used in other applications. Ray presents lots of photos and data covering these uses in a handy document.

Ray’s resource PDF is available on the Freight Car Fleets page. We hope modelers find it useful to build early wood boxcars for their fleets. We have more railroad fleet data and details coming soon.

Many thanks to Ray for pulling the data and images into one document.

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B&O K class bobber caboose

Ed Bommer models the B&O Staten Island line in O scale. He recently shared photos and notes on his O scale scratch-built B&O C-721, modeled as the prototype looked in 1950. Here’s Ed with the story.

I built this caboose model a long time ago, in March 1983. I was somewhat familiar with the prototypes as I would see them on Staten Island Rapid Transit freights as a boy and young teen. I even got to ride in one for a few miles.

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Workbench Update – June & July 2020

Summer is one of those sluggish hobby seasons. Lawn and home duties often pull our time away from the workbench and hobby activities. The pandemic has been a bit different as trips to visit family, concerts, RPMs, and vacations have been curtailed. So there is more hobby time, even though the lawn and home duties remain.

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