Westerfield Models kit guide update

One of the popular resource pages on this blog is the Guide to Westerfield Models for a 1920s model railroad. I had created this in 2010 to help modelers understand the availability of freight cars for 1920s era railroad modeling and to share details on the quantity of prototypes in-service that several models represent.

Since the last update in 2016, Westerfield Models owner Andrew Dahm has released a few new kits that needed to be added to this guide. I also added kit that was originally overlooked. Several of the listings have been updated with model images and a couple of prototype images have been switched out.

I hope the Guide to Westerfield Models for a 1920s model railroad will inspire your hobby efforts, especially if your modeling focus fits the 1900-1935 time period.

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Setting up again – part 3

I’ve been working through a few Wheeling Freight Terminal track issues. One of the rails zippered out of the tieplates and spikes during the move or set up. You can kind of see it in the image above. That obviously needed to be fixed before anything rolls across the rails.

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2022 hobby review

I’ve been thinking about the last year and my hobby activities. I clicked through many project photos to refresh my thoughts. The lead photo jogged my memory on the snowfall we had at our Tennessee home to kick off 2022. We tend to forget things once an event has passed or project is completed. Since I didn’t have a layout in 2022, the completed models went into a storage box.

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