Prototype Data Sheets – 2

Orange, NJ, freight house circa 1920. Photo from the Steamtown NPS archives.
Orange, NJ, freight house circa 1920. Photo from the Steamtown NPS archives.

Ray Breyer has completed a another prototype review for the upcoming Accurail HO scale 36-foot box car model. Four variations of the model are planned. Initial paint and lettering schemes were announced a couple of months ago. Ray’s latest summary covers prototype cars for each of the introductory models that will have straight center sills and steel ends. This is another solid resource for modelers to understand the similarities between the model and prototype. The initial PDF data sheet is posted on a special blog page, Accurail Prototype Data.

Two additional data sheets are in the works to cover the prototypes Accurail has announced for the other 36-foot box car versions. These will appear over the next few months as the release date for these new models approaches. It’s great to see such a wide variety of prototype box cars that can be represented by these new models.

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9 thoughts on “Prototype Data Sheets – 2”

    1. Gary, I believe all versions of this new Accurail kit will be offered with KC brake systems. – Eric

  1. Eric,

    Thanks for posting Ray’s summaries. This will help me sort out the few I can use for my 1952 era. I expect the Accurail car will be a very nice and useful model.

    1. Accurail offers many of their kit parts separately so I suspect the K brake systems will be available at some point. – Eric

  2. I was pleased to find this thread. A friend and I are working on getting to some N&W wood boxcars and both are member s of the N&W Historical Society. The society has a number of drawings and a few photos of cars built prior to the single sheathed WW I era cars (class BL, BLa, and BK). The earlier cars were classed BA to BJ.

    There is considerable variety among the cars but some of it is subtle. At least some received a Viking roof, different doors, and there is a drawing for 2 panel Murphy steel ends with vertical corrugations. We are looking forward to Accurail’s new cars. John

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