Fitting the Layout

I almost titled this post as Moving Along – part 3, but we are beyond the moving phase. The Wheeling Freight Terminal layout sections got onto their legs this week! Well, not all of them are on their legs as a problem was discovered. The layout is slightly longer than the space. I will admit, I did not measure the room before we committed to the house rental but I also did not know the actual long dimension of the layout. Yup, I did a job on this one. Click on any image here to view a larger size.

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August 2016 Op Session


The Wheeling Freight Terminal has monthly operating sessions. A message is sent to several interested modelers and operators in the area about a week beforehand. I’ve typically been operating on the fourth Thursday of the month and a layout in nearby Las Cruces hosts a session on the second Thursday. August was busy for the usual crew and only Robbie was able to attend the recent session.

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Annual task survey

A workbench in need of a task list to move projects forward.
A workbench in need of a task list to move projects forward.

It’s been a busy few months of 2016. Between working a temporary job, traveling to attend college graduations of four family members, and publishing weekly blog posts here and on the Resin Car Works blog, I haven’t worked much on my own layout. Work and travel have ended, to it’s time for the annual layout task survey.

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B&O Wheeling Freight Terminal operations – pt 1

A busy yard before an op session.
A busy yard before an op session.

The first B&O Wheeling Freight Terminal operating session of 2015 was held on January 30th. Mike came in from Las Cruces to participate. I think this was the fifth session since operations began in late June 2014. While the layout is not large, we did move 71 freight cars in a three hour session. Some of the operating methods have altered since the first session¬†and I wanted to share these ideas. This will probably end up as two or three parts so I don’t bore anyone with too much detail in one sitting.

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