A quick update

At long last, I’ve been able to upgrade the blog software. It’s been a bit of a battle but all is updated and the comment area is functional again! I spent time creating a new header but no matter what I do to change the large, shaded box above, it won’t go away. It’s frustrating to follow the WordPress blog directions and change out the files, and then it doesn’t work. HO scale resin freight car kits are easier than figuring out the WordPress coding. Even those kits that lack directions!

As an addendum, I know many images are missing form older posts. It seems the software upgrade did not completely transfer all of the files to the new locations or assign the proper file address to the image. <sigh> I hope to tackle this issue by restoring images to a few older posts each week. The pages will be done as soon as possible along with a focus on 2013 posts. It will take some time but everything will be restored in the upcoming months. Thank you for your patience.

Hobby updates are coming soon as I’ve been busy on a number of projects. Thanks for checking in.   – Eric

2 thoughts on “A quick update”

  1. At long last! How funny – I was just wondering if there had been any updates since I hadn’t checked since December and you made one today!

    I have begun a blog as well and I am likewise a 1920’s era modeler. From time to time my posts may cover relevant material so feel free to check it out or drop me an email.

    Looking forward to more posts.


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