September 2016 Operating Session


We were back to a full crew for the latest Wheeling Freight Terminal operating session. Mike and Robbie were the freight house crew. They are on the left in the lead image. Erik and Tom worked the team yard. This was Tom’s first time operating here and he did very well for a first timer.


The group split into the usual two sets of pairs to work. Erik and Tom can be seen in the image above as they review the clerk inventory to determine how messed up their next moves for the team yard.


Robbie and Mike got right to work sorting the inbound freight cars for spotting at the freight house tracks. Some of these inbound cars would also be handed off for the team yard crew.


It is difficult to snap action shots during the session as the photographer only gets in the way. I quickly captured the team yard train moving along with a string of cars to spot. Click here for a look at the track plan.

It’s quite a thrill to see the Wheeling Freight Terminal come alive each month with a few hours of action. This is not a typical model railroad, but the operating crew keeps coming back to put the railroad through the paces. The crews moved 99 cars at this session. There were 47 inbound cars and 52 cars pulled for the outbounds. The outbound cars all came back to the yard and were classified for six basic destinations beyond Wheeling.

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2 thoughts on “September 2016 Operating Session”

  1. I know you are working on lettering your freight cars for equipment that would have been seen on the W. & L.E. R.R. in the 1920’s & 1930’s. I’ve been following your informative blog for quite a while now. I enjoy it very much! But I have to admit I got a laugh out of the P.R.R. X29 in Merchandise Service. You must have known that paint scheme didn’t come into play until 1954 right? Still it’s your railroad and obviously your operators are enjoying themselves. Keep up the good work!

    1. Ray, there are several cars being used that are out of era for the layout. That PRR merchandise Service car is one of them. Once the new Accurail 36-foot cars are available, about 15 of the more modern cars will be pulled from service. There are still many resin freight car kits to build, too! – Eric

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