Down to the details

A few emails from fellow prototype modelers have inspired me to push a couple of models further along. I built the models when I lived in El Paso but they need just a few more details. It’s time to wrap these up. I spent time making the details the other day. Can you tell what they are? They are grouped together in a one-inch square on my workbench. Now I need to find the freight cars and install these final parts.

This all reminds me of the chorus of a Tom Waits song from his Mule Variations LP. The song lyrics are pretty dark, but this project isn’t at all!

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10 thoughts on “Down to the details”

  1. Hi Eric,

    They are obviously Flux Capacitor Sub-mount brackets!
    Stay warm.

    from A Frosty 10 degrees in Streetsboro, OH

    John Albaneze

    1. Why yes, obviously, John! Stay warm for a week and I’ll post an update after I return from the Amherst Train Show. – Eric

      1. I’ll tell you one thing, it’s not a playhouse for the children.

        I always think of that song if I’m working on my layout late at night – the neighbors can see in the basement window. Ha.

        1. Ha! You are correct! The song runs through my head when I’m demonstrating a resin kit build or weathering techniques with a small audience. – Eric

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