With the Wheeling Freight Terminal layout standing and wired up, it’s time to unbox the freight car fleet. Nearly all of my kit-built freight cars have been stored away in Plano boxes like the one in the lead image.

Each car is wrapped in paper towel or an archival paper, then in bubble wrap to wedge it into the slot and cushion any harsh movement.

I was very excited to unbox these models. Without a layout, I hadn’t seen many of them in a few years.

I was careful when pulling each out of the slots. In some cases, there were two models stacked in the slot. This Reading gondola was wrapped with a Pennsy GS gon!

As each Plano box was emptied, the yard tracks filled up my 1926 freight car fleet. It wasn’t long before a locomotive was pressed into action.

This short video documents the second official Wheeling Freight Terminal train movement. My four-year-old granddaughter ran the first one from the yard to the freight house and returned. I’ll never forget her excitement watching the train move as she controlled the throttle.

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4 thoughts on “Unboxing”

  1. Seeing their excitement is always great! I brought my 2 year old Grandson down during the last op session and he was thrilled!

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