Westerfield Models kit guide update

One of the popular resource pages on this blog is the Guide to Westerfield Models for a 1920s model railroad. I had created this in 2010 to help modelers understand the availability of freight cars for 1920s era railroad modeling and to share details on the quantity of prototypes in-service that several models represent.

Since the last update in 2016, Westerfield Models owner Andrew Dahm has released a few new kits that needed to be added to this guide. I also added kit that was originally overlooked. Several of the listings have been updated with model images and a couple of prototype images have been switched out.

I hope the Guide to Westerfield Models for a 1920s model railroad will inspire your hobby efforts, especially if your modeling focus fits the 1900-1935 time period.

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Westerfield train day sale

Westerfield S-40-1 stock car kit #12522 was released in early 2017.

Westerfield Models is holding a National Train Day Sale through to midnight on Monday, May 21, 2018. There are a few purchase options and codes to save some hobby dollars when you stock up on a few kits. Westerfield honcho Andrew Dahm sent an announcement to his email newsletter list last week. If you have not received the info, or if you have misplaced the newsletter email, I recommend dropping an inquiry to westerfieldmodels@gmail.com for the sale details and codes. You will need the purchase codes to save some cash.

Check over your freight car kit stash and drop a note to Andrew at westerfieldmodels@gmail.com for more details on the National Train Day sale. Then review their website for what you need. It’s always a good time to pick up a few new resin freight car kits.