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A few of the plastic HO scale freight car models in the Wheeling Freight Terminal fleet.

I started this blog in May 2009 after moving to a new home and city, and starting a new layout. I had been focused on modeling 1926 since 2005 and met a few other railroad modelers with interests pre-dating World War Two and the Depression. At some point in 2012, a discussion about HO scale freight cars led to creating a guide to plastic freight car models appropriate for a 1920s layout. These discussions ended up as a separate page here which has become a resource for many people who model the 1920s and 1930s. Over time, this resource page has become one of the most visited pages and posts on this blog. Each week when I check the blog statistics, the guide to 1920s era freight cars is among the top five.

As it has been a few years since the page was launched, it was ripe for an update. There have been some new models from Broadway Limited, MTH, and Tangent, as well as a sweet announcement from Rapido. There have also been changes as Red Caboose was bought by Intermountain, so a few notes have been added. The updated page remains at the same location. You can also find the link in the menu along the right side of the main blog page. I think we are set for another couple of years.

Post a comment below and let me know what you think. What is missing?

2 thoughts on “Another resource update”

  1. I just found your blog and am glad I did! I am planning on building a layout based on Cleveland Ohio along the Cuyahoga River. I was thinking immediate post-war era. It will be my first real layout and I don’t have much rolling stock so I am basically starting from scratch. A lot of the freight cars you describe were still in use in the 1940’s so this is an excellent resource.

    Cleveland in those days had several large freight houses and your freight house operations posts are giving me tons of ideas for the design of my layout.

    I hope you don’t mind me asking questions about rolling stock and operations, you seem to be a wealth of knowledge!


    Jeff Leslie

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