Moving Along, pt 2!

What an action-packed month this has been! As mentioned in the previous post, we are moving. The image above was taken on June 20th at our El Paso home as the household goods were moved out to the driveway before being packed into the moving van for a 1450 mile trip to our new Tennessee home.

The day after the van departed, my wife and I hit the highway with our two loaded vehicles. We had some kitchen goods, plants, computers, clothing, folding chairs, tools, and bedding stowed for use before the van arrives. Nearly all of my completed freight car models and locomotives were also transported in our vehicles. We made the trip in a few days and enjoyed a wonderful first weekend in Murfreesboro, TN.

The van arrived Tuesday morning and all was unpacked by early afternoon. The rental home is a bit smaller than our El Paso abode so many items will remain packed in the garage awaiting a permanent home sometime in the next year.

The layout parts can be seen in the image above and these seem to have made the trip without damage. Nearly all of the sections were the same dimensions. Quarter inch plywood was cut to cover the section bottoms and to make end plates that connected two sections together as one unit. Images and details will be shared in an upcoming blog post and the layout should come together in another week or two. Right now, I have to get the laundry room in order. The kitchen and living rooms are mostly complete and two bedrooms are nearly set up. The laundry is piling up so I need to focus on the washer and dryer hook ups.

It’s great to be in a new place and exploring the local community. The Wheeling Freight Terminal will be set up soon and hopefully have an August operating session to celebrate the fourth anniversary of this project.

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17 thoughts on “Moving Along, pt 2!”

  1. Congratulations on your safe arrival,

    We moved into this house full time in July,2014 and I still have not set up any of my trains – I did get the RR room divided off from the other half of the garage earlier this year but severe spinal stenosis has hampered additional progr ess.

    Look forward to hearing of your additional progress and ops session.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Bill! I hope you are able to get something rolling soon. Even a manageable 2×8 switching area can be a rewarding project. – Eric

  2. United! 🙂 Had to say something, my dad was a North American agent for 37 years, I grew up in that business.

    Hope you had a safe move.

    1. I am also looking forward to setting up the layout, Jeremy. We shall see what happens over the next few weeks. – Eric

  3. Eric, wish and your wife all the best in your new home and I hope for fast familiarization in the new neighborhood. Time for new modeling projects will come again and I’m enjoyed to see you again with new models and posts in your blog and FB.
    All the best from Dresden, Germany – Bernd

  4. Glad to see & hear you and your layout have safely arrived in Tennessee! Best of luck settling in and getting the home and layout set up!

    1. Thanks, Mike! It looks like the Wheeling Freight Terminal will just fit the new space. – Eric

  5. If you haven’t made plans to do so already, take a trip out into the hills to see some narrow gauge. By that I mean go spend a day at Tweetsie, just over the mountains into western North Carolina. There’s also a neat little museum in Townsend, TN, all about the Little River Ry, and if you can stand it, Dollywood has a former WP&Y 3′ gauge 2-8-2 (the sister to the ‘big engine’ at Tweesie), though last time we were there it was out of service for inspection and flue work. Plenty of real railroad interest beyond that, I’m sure.

    Anyway, glad you made it safely and I look forward to an op session someday when I’m out that way visiting my folks.


    1. Thanks for your suggestions, Galen! I think we will focus on the local sights for a few months before heading to the eastern mountains. As a former eastern narrow gauge modeler, I’m familiar with Tweetsie Country. – Eric

  6. Whoa, The railroad should get set up before the mattresses are put on the bed frames.

    Have a good time helping Mrs. with the unpacking and set up of the house.

    1. Ha! You are not kidding, Rick! So far the sectional design has worked well for this layout. – Eric

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