Here we are closing out another year and prepping for the new one. We walk our dogs around the Stones River National Battlefield a few miles from our middle Tennessee home. I knew nothing of this bloody Civil War battle until we moved here in 2017. On our walks we frequently see markers like the one in the image above. These fixed points of reference can be found in various points around the National Battlefield.

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Moving Along

Delano, Jack, photographer. Chicago, Illinois. Loading a freight car in the freight house of a Chicago and Northwestern Railroad yard. Dec. Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>.

It is time to pack up the house and move to a new place. My lovely wife has accepted a new employment opportunity so we will depart El Paso late this month!

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Late May layout update!

Completed yard tracks.
Completed yard tracks.

It’s been a while since the last layout update. If you have been following along, you know the layout wiring is complete. All of the track has been painted and the fascia has been installed. The Wheeling Freight Terminal is looking pretty good.


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Surveying a new space

It’s been a busy month as my wife, Cheryl, and I relocated from the mid-Hudson Valley region of New York to the far west Texas city of El Paso. We arrived July 3rd with a couple of cars, a couple of dogs and some belongings. There was no time to visit El Paso to house hunt before our move, so we rented our new home on the recommendation of Cheryl’s UTEP co-worker. We have settled right in and spent time coordinating legal papers and exploring our new city and region. It was odd for those first couple of weeks as the moving van did not arrive until July 16. This offered plenty of time to decide where furniture would be placed and what rooms would be earmarked for other uses, such as the hobby room. Here’s how the hobby room looked shortly after we arrived.

Empty hobby room.

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